Area and space

Room for
innovation and expansion

The BioCampus Cologne covers a total area of 25 hectares and is one of the largest technology parks of its kind in Europe. It offers an individual infrastructure for successful business development. It currently has a total rentable area of around 30,000 m² in various buildings.

The park currently has 30 resident companies and thus provides 1,300 jobs. Around 10 hectares of viable expansion areas enable further expansion efforts for the future.

Room for diversity of technologies

A wide range of space is available so that innovative companies from a variety of different fields of technology can find ideal conditions on the BioCampus. These make it possible to offer the required level of equipment.

  • Genetic Engineering Labs/Biolab S1/S2
  • Chemistry laboratories
  • Workshop areas/technical areas
  • Modern offices
  • Clean rooms (as required)
  • Hall and storage areas
  • Conference rooms/event area
  • Parking spaces/parking garage


Room for sustainable and
long term growth

for innovative startups

● specially designed rental areas for individual use of offices and laboratories
● Step-by-step expansion of the rental area adjusted to growth
● collective use of public and traffic areas

for scaleups

a separate rental area for more confidentiality and representation
Development and design of the corporate identity

corporate users
for corporate settlement

large-scale expansion areas for new construction projects
Planning, development and construction adapted to individual needs and special requirements

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