01 Facility Management

Ensuring the
technical operation

All general and technical facilities on the site and in the buildings are supervised and maintained by BioCampus Facility Management. This allows users to fully concentrate on their own business activities.

Facility management with us
as a partner

Our facility management includes:
● Regular maintenance and ongoing maintenance of technology and systems
● Comprehensive indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance
● Winter service
● Waste management
● Home automation services
● Renovations
● Reconstruction measures

Benefit from our expertise and our network of local craft businesses and general service companies.

maintenance & repair

Maintenance and professional technical inspections of building systems, central ventilation and cooling systems, heating systems, elevator and fire protection systems are carried out regularly. Of course, these also include the inspection and continuous improvement of the systems.


Companies are supported during their individual growth phases. Areas are professionally converted or expanded as required.
The offer ranges from small office renovations to turnkey expansion of unfinished construction areas. Depending on requirements, the office and laboratory spaces can be adapted to meet individual requirements.

service & infrastructure

The BioCampus has its own 24/7 factory security at the main entrance to the area, which ensures the safety of the community and controls access to the technology park.

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